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Here is the link for our districts information on Safety Closure drills.

Next week we will be having our second safety closure drill for the school year. The district requires that schools conduct a safety closure drill each semester. Please click on the link above for more details.

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District has contracted for the last two years with Hanover Research to do a Student Climate and Mindset Survey of all 3rd through 12th grade students. In basic terms, the survey seeks to find out students attitudes about their community, their school and themselves. Students are given a series of statements and the choice to agree to them very much, a little bit, or not at all.

Highlights from the Survey

The following percentages are the total of 3rd -5th grade students who agreed a little bit or very much to these statements:
I care about my community…99%
I think it is important to participate in community service…97%
At this school, students are encouraged to do their very best…99%
The school is a welcoming place for students and families like mine…97%
Adults at my school treat students with respect… 97%
I have the ability to respect others opinions even if they are different than mine…97%
I have the ability to get along with students who are different then me…93%
I can learn how to solve tough problems…96%
I can do well on tests even if they are tough… 96%
When students see another student being picked on they try to stop it…90% ***
***While this percentage is statistically sound, this is an area where we will work to improve
We are empowered to see that the Hanover Survey results shows that our open enrollment, Neighborhood School Philosophy has created a climate where a diverse group of students feel positive about their community, their school, and their abilities.