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Hello Staff and Parents,

There will be a district site council meeting on October 30th, 2018 at the Kenai Central High School in the Library. It will start at 6PM. This will be a budget meeting, so lets try to have a strong showing in support of our schools

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Mountain View Elementary has gradually adopted the motto of KINDNESS COUNTS as we sought to identify the unifying influence for the actions of our students and staff. I found out this summer that kindness also pays.
In late June, I received a call from a Carrs/Safeway representative asking me if I could participate in the grand reopening of the Kenai Carrs/Safeway and accept a monetary grant they wanted to award Mountain View Elementary. Our school had not applied for a grant, no amount was mentioned during the call and I agreed to go to the ribbon cutting ceremony and presentation a couple days later.
To make a long story short, when I went up for the presentation Mountain View was recognized specifically for its community service efforts, its work with its students on positively responding to conflict, and its kindness initiatives throughout the school. I was then presented with a check for Mountain View Elementary in the amount of ten thousand dollars!!!
What an honor it was to be the face of Mountain View and represent all of our staff and students for the positive culture they have created at our school. We are working with our Site Council and staff on how to best utilize this money in ways that build strong, positive and kind relationships amongst everyone who spends time in our school and to provide opportunities for our students to go out into the community and do the same.