Filed Under (School News) by e01889 on 23-04-2017

When Mountain View staff began planning for this event a year and a half ago we envisioned how our students would be energized and get a crazy, cool exposure to the performing arts. We were excited that we could also provide that opportunity to students from other schools. We were stoked to bring quality entertainment to our community and showcase the students. However as it turns out we had no idea of what was really going to happen.


Little did we realize that the 36 Young Americans who worked with our 3rd-5th grade students (and 70 students from other schools) would be some of some of the best teachers in the world, teachers who forge relationships, deliver the content with kindness, and leave their students changed in immeasurable ways. I guess we could have assumed that would be what it would take to produce a show with 250 students in only 3 days.


And what a show it was! The Kenai Central Auditorium was completely sold out, all 1000 seats filled!

The Young Americans brought out the best in the students in terms of confidence, joy, teamwork and skills. The positive energy coming from the stage was returned with thunderous applause from the audience at every opportunity. Board President Joe Arness was in the audience and came to Mountain View the next day to meet with the Young Americans Director to look for ways to bring this opportunity to more schools in the district in the coming years.


Mountain View Elementary is proud to be Kenai’s Neighborhood School and we certainly lived up to that name as welcomed in students from around the district, and garnered the financial and logistical support of the community to bring the Young Americans to Kenai on their first ever Alaska tour.