Welcome to a New Year at Mountain View Elementary, Kenai’s Neighborhood School

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We Love You and Are Glad You Are Here!

As principal I try to start each day with a positive affirmation for our students during morning announcements. As I contemplated what that statement would be for the first week this year I wanted to capture the attitude and energy our staff have when students return to school. I was still struggling to find that just-right catchphrase or quote as students entered school on day one when suddenly I discovered it. It wasn’t in print anywhere and I didn’t read it, rather, I witnessed it in the teacher’s bright eyed smiles, the excited greetings and hugs they gave students, and the palpable anticipation I could feel from them as they thought about what was to come this year. Every signal they were sending shouted “We love you and are glad you are here”.

Kindness and Positive Responses to Conflict.

We once again are starting the year off with a heavy focus on our school climate goals of kindness and positive responses to conflict. Teaching and modeling these core values early as well as continually throughout the year provide our students with an emotionally safe environment in which to learn. At Mountain View we like to say “Kindness Rules”. In the back of this newsletter you will find a copy of our Positive Responses to Conflict Wheel. Ask your student about how they use these strategies at school and we encourage you to use them at home.

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