Filed Under (School News) by e01889 on 05-10-2015

This week a parent brought their student down to class at 9:05 and was surprised to find the class empty as the students had already gone to music. She commented “wow you guys get started right away”. I took this as a complement as “getting started right away” is something our staff takes pride in. Our teachers realize that every minute counts and that a good focused start to the morning sets the tone for the day. A quick tour of our classrooms at 8:55 will reveal instruction happening in all our classrooms.

Students who come late break the instructional routine for that classroom, teachers have to help that student get caught up in the lesson, which in-turn affects all the students in that classroom. Students who come late also start their day of harried as opposed to the daily routine of greeting their peers and teachers and taking care of their morning duties, this often results in those being “off “ for an extended period of time until they settle in.

For the benefit of all students it would be greatly appreciated if you have your students to school no later than 8:45, morning recess bell, so that they and their peers can start the day on a positive note and learning will not have to be interrupted.